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It's what's on the inside that counts. Shop our essentials to reach your optimal wellness and beauty from the inside out.

Tabasco Toscano Soap,

Santa Maria Novella


Reusable coffee cup,



Rosehip Oil,

Rowse Cosmetics


Reusable Water Bottle,

Frank & Green


Yoga Mat,



OPEN Breathwork Subscription,



Algae Oil,

Osea Malibu

Red Light Therapy by Qure

Red Light Treatment,


Skin Tea Herbal Molecular Infusion by Dr. Barbara Sturm

Skin Tea Molecular Herbal Infusion,

Dr. Barbara Sturm

Face mask by Dr. Barbara Sturm

Face Mask,

Dr Barbara Sturm






Ex Libris Anonymous


The Biomat Professional,



Lion’s Mane Grow Kit,



Forest Juice,



Oura Ring,

Oura Ring





Walden Meditation Cushion and Mat Set,


André Saraiva selects Smoker's Perfume for his Semaine Shop Section

Smoker’s Perfume,

Goest Perfume

Ana Kraš selects Everyday Oil Mainstay Blend for her Semaine shop page

Mainstay Blend Oil,

Everyday Oil

Ana Kraš selects Penco black mechanical pencil on Conran Shop

Black Mechanical Pencil,


Chelsea Leyland Selects Balance Beam Mood Complex by Looni for her Shop Section

Balance Beam Mood Complex Supplement,


Noemi and Benjamin select Absolution cosmetics detoxifying Mask for their shop section

Pure Detoxifying Mask,


Shop Agave Nectar by Naturgreen on Semaine

Agave Syrup Bio,


Shop Tintura Mujer by Remedios Del Bosque on Semaine

Tintura Mujer,

Remedios Del Bosque

Shop Tastemaker Dita Von Teese Extreme Clean Whitening Action toothpaste on Semaine

Extreme Clean Whitening Action Toothpaste,


Jeanne Damas selects Palette by Rouje by Jeanne Damas for her Semaine shop

La Palette 4 Rouje,



Hand Wash,

Grown Alchemist


Rouge Dior Lipstick,



Tobak perfume,

Maya Njie

Lucia Pica chooses Vitner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum for her Semaine Shop

Active Botanical Serum,

Vintner's Daughter


The Practice Collection,

Amanda Norgaard

Amanda Norgaard selects The Practice by Amanda Norgaard

The Practice #9,

Amanda Norgaard

wiracoya shrub in 5 blends: Pure Palo Santo, Copal, Myrrh, Pine and Rosemary.

Sacred Plants Incense,

Espiritus Del Ande

Amanda Norgaard selects Magic of 2022 Planner

Magic of 2022 Planner + Lined Journal Bundle,

The Place Co.

Amanda Norgaard selects Rainbo Lion's Mane

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Tincture,


Amanda Norgaard selects Corpus Natural Deodorant in Number Green

Natural Deodorant in Number Green,


Semaine Tastemaker Naomi Shimada The Ordinary AHA BHA Peeling Solution

AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution,

The Ordinary

Semaine Tastemaker Naomi Shimada selects HAY Tann Toothbrush

Tann Toothbrush,


Semaine Tastemaker Naomi Shimada selects Lulu Lemon Loop It Up Mat Strap Squad

Loop It Up Mat Strap,

Lulu Lemon

Naomi Shimada Mixed Feelings Book Naomi Shimada and Sarah Raphael

Mixed Feelings: The Emotional Impact of our Digital Habits,

Naomi Shimada and Sarah Raphael

Shop Poppy Jamie's Semaine with this Foam Roller

The Aligned Roller,

Lo Rox

Shop Poppy Jamie's Semaine Shop and these Extreme Cashmere Yoga Pants

Yogi No. 56 Cashmere Track Pants,

Extreme Cashmere

Julia Restoin Roitfeld selects Rossignol Men's All Mountain Skis

Men’s All Mountain Skis Experience 74 (Xpress),


Chelsea Leyland chooses Kloris CBD Bath Melts as an essential product on Semaine

CBD Bath Melts,



CBD Oil Drops,



CBD Magnesium Bath Block,



Wild White Sage,


Chelsea Leyland chooses Saalt Cup as one of her essential products on Semaine

Saalt Cup,


Clara Luciani chooses Buly 1803 Hinoki Candle for her Semaine shop

Sumi Hinoki Scented Candle,

Buly 1803


Gazelle Van Stael Retro Bike,



Auto-graphique Eyeliner,

Surratt Beauty


Coconut Oil,

Aman Prana

Semaine Tastemaker Jane Scotter Saipua Soap

Saipua Soap,



Happy Not Perfect,

Poppy Jamie

Semaine tastemaker Christiaan enjoys this Brush Joneka

Gold Small Hairbrush with Gold Bristle,


Semaine tastemaker Christiaan enjoys this bumble and bumble shampoo

Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Shampoo,

Bumble & Bumble

Semaine tastemaker Sigrid drinks this Pukka tea

Relax Tea by Pukka,


Semaine tastemaker enjoys this Glossier brow stick

Boy Brow by Glossier,


Semaine Tastemaker Camilla Engström wears recycled hair comb by Re-Comb

Recylced Plastic Curly Hair Comb,


Semaine tastemaker Camilla Engström uses Hinoki Essential Oil by The Wax Apple Shop

Hinoki Essential Oil,

The Wax Apple Shop

Semaine Tastemaker Camilla Engström uses the scalp comb by The Wax Apple Shop

Scalp Comb,

The Wax Apple Shop

Semaine tastemaker Paris Hilton wears domination eyeshadow by Nars

Domination Eyeshadow,



Palo Santo,

Espiritus Del Ande

Semaine tastemaker Susanne Kaufmann participates in qi gong Virtual class by Hotel Post Bezau

Qi Gong Virtual Class,

Hotel Post Bezau

Semaine Susanne Kaufmann her evening ritual

Evening Ritual,

Semaine tastemaker Susanne Kaufmann uses heathly Signature Suppe

Immune Package,

Hotel Post Bezau


Electric Toothbrush,



Botanic Lip Balm,


Semaine tastemaker Susanne Kaufmann uses RC3 Skate 20/21 by Fischer for ski skating

RC3 Skate 20/21,


Semaine tastemaker Susanne Kaufmann uses Enzyme Peel by Susanne Kaufmann

Enzyme Peel,

Susanne Kaufmann™

Semaine tastemaker Susanne Kaufmann uses her hand soap Hand Soap by Susanne Kaufmann™

Hand Soap,

Susanne Kaufmann™

Semaine Tastemaker Paul Stamets uses lion's mane supplement

Lion’s Mane Supplement,

Host Defense

Semaine tastemaker Paul Stamets uses pure Castile soap by dr.bronner's

Pure-Castile Soap,

Dr. Bronner’s

Semaine tastemaker Paul Stamets uses turkey tail supplement by host defense

Turkey Tail Supplement,

Host Defense


MyCommunity Supplement,

Host Defense


Stamets 7 Supplement,

Host Defense

Semaine Tastemaker Paul Stamets uses peppermint spray by host defense

Peppermint Spray,

Host Defense


The Full Moon Adaptogens,

Moon Juice


Hot Chocolate,

Happy Not Perfect


Happy Factor Adaptogens,

Happy Not Perfect

My Happiness Diary and journal created by Tastemaker Poppy Jamie

Happiness Diary,

Happy Not Perfect


Blue Zafu Meditation Cushion,

Blue Banyan


Bangles 1 Lb. Weights,



Magnesium Flakes,

Sunday Natural


Mindful Marks,



The Smart Supplement,



The Source: Open Your Mind, Change Your Life,

Dr Tara Swart


Magnesio Supremo,

Natural Point


Tiger by her Side Eau de Parfum,

Sana Jardin


Yoga Mat,


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